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Vertical Offers 4 Separate Promos Worth Celebrating!


It’s time to celebrate with four special promotions on the Vertical Summit family of products. We’ve set you up for savings with no forms or special conditions. Now through March 31st, choose your promo offer and save.


  1. Purchase a Summit bundle from the included list and get a phone for FREE.

  2. Purchase a Summit 800 package (from the included list) at a discounted price.

  3. Purchase any eligible Summit/Summit 800 product (from the included list) and we’ll give you an additional 25% off the distributor’s already discounted price.

  4. Earn a point for every dollar you spend on Vertical Summit and Summit 800 then use your points and get a free Summit system package, or phones.


    Promotion Terms & Conditions

    Promotion available to all certified Vertical Summit dealers.


    • Offer valid on all orders for promotional part numbers as stated above placed and shipped from dealer’s distributor between January 1, 2019 and March 31, 2019.

    • Proof of purchase of Vertical Summit™ and Summit 800 product required to qualify. Fax invoice to Kathy Budrick at 480-374-8851 or email Please indicate the phone model that you would like to receive as part of this promotion in your fax or email.

    • Please submit your total points at the end of the promotion period with a copy of your invoices to get the free product. Proof of purchase is required to qualify.

    • All invoices must be submitted before April 15, 2019.


Offer 1 Free Phones


Purchase ANY packages from the list below and get one VU-9224-00 absolutely FREE — up to $139 value!


Part Number



Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with 8 9224-00 HD 24-Button Phones


Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with 3 9224-00 HD 24-Button Phones


Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with 3 9208-00 HD 8-Button Phones


Basic KSU 0COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM, 1 PRI Interface Card


Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with (3) 24 button 9224F phones FD


Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with (8) 24-button 9224F phones FD


Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 1hr VM with (3) 24 button 9224F Phones FD



Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 9208 PKG 1 Hr VM: 4COx8Dx4S 4port 1hR VM & (3) Edge 9208 8 Btn Digital Phones



Basic 4COx8Dx4S, Eight 9224F 24 button PKG; 4Cox8Dx4S 4port 1hr VM, (8) 24 Btn 9224F Phones FD



Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, Eight 9224 24Btn PKG: 4COx8Dx4S 4port 1hr VM, (8) 24 Button 9224 Phones


Side Dishes


Buy eight (8) Edge 9200 digital phones (VU-9208-00, VU-9224-00, VU9224F-00, VU-9240-00) and get an additional same-model phone for FREE – up to $215 savings!


Note: Free phone offer NOT contingent on purchase of Vertical Summit systems listed above.


Part Number Description


VU-9208-00-8P Universal 8 Button Digital Phone w/ LCD-8 Pack


VU-9224-00-8P or VU-9224F-00-8P Universal 24 Button Digital Phones

Get Three More


Buy seven (7) Edge 9820 IP phones and get three (3) additional same-model phones for FREE – up to $542 savings!



Note: Free phone offer NOT contingent on purchase of Vertical Summit systems listed above.


Part Number Description


VIP-9820-00 10 Button IP Phone w/LCD PoE LLDP-MED / 802.1x security support



Offer 2 Summit 800 Promo

Buy any of the following packages at a huge discounted price – UP TO $400 SAVINGS!


Part Number




Summit 800 DTIB Pkg – BKSU/PSU/LCOB12/DTIB24/MPB 6 ea D+S



Summit 800 PRI Pkg – BKSU/PSU/PRIB/MPB 6 ea D+S




Offer 3 25% Discount

Between January 1 and March 31, 2019 purchase any product from the list below, and we’ll give you an


additional 25% off distributor discounted prices!


Part Number Description



19" Rack Mount Bracket


Modem Unit (MODU)


DECT Base Station


4 Channel DECT Interface Board


Edge 9200 48 button DSS


VM Memory Expansion


VM Memory Expansion 60 Hrs


4 Port DECT Interface Board (WTIB4)


8 Port DECT Interface Board (WTIB8)


Summit 800 IP WIFI Handset


Part Number (cont’d) Description (cont’d)


VS-5531-04 4 LCO Interface Board (LCOB4)


VS-5531-08 8 LCO Interface Board (LCOB8)


VS-5531-12 12 LCO Interface Board (LCOB12)





Offer 4 Earn Points Towards Purchases Earn a point for every dollar you spend on Vertical Summit, Summit 800, and SBX then use your points and get a free Summit system, package, or phones. Up to $1,187.00 value!


Points Free Product


2,500 (1) 9224-00 HD 24-Button Phones


5,000 (2) 9224-00 HD 24-Button Phones


7,500 VS-5000B-00 Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 1hr VM


10,000 VS-5000-3VU24F Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with 3 9224F-00 HD 24





Vertical gives you the discounted value of hardware as cash on VISA gift cards!


For more information or questions regarding this limited-time sales incentive, please contact Kathy Budrick at kbudrick@vertical.comor Vertical Customer Service at 1-877- VERTICAL


(1-877-837-8422), Option 1.

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