About ESI


Why ESI?

What we believe

Business doesn’t get done without communication. Sure, your organization depends on smart, hard-working employees, great customers, and competitive products and solutions; but if you can’t connect them — easily and efficiently — with a communications tool that works, your business will never meet its real potential.

That’s why we believe that business communications shouldn’t only be powerful. They must also be easy and intuitive to use.

We believe that you should have it all. Not only should your communications solution offer simplicity, but it should also be backed by the best technical and customer support available in the industry.

Choosing an ESI solution gives you a competitive edge – whether you select a cloud, on-premise solution or a mix – you can’t go wrong with ESI.


Proven Experience

  • 27+ years in delivering intuitive and easy to use solutions for partners and customers.
  • Deployed over 350,000 solutions from on-premise to cloud.
  • Pushed over 3 million minutes (and counting) over the cloud with our SIP and Cloud solutions.
  • Strong and loyal network of certified Resellers to ensure every customer has local support.

The Power of Choice

  • Broad portfolio of communication solutions from Cloud PBX, On-premises or a mix of both.
  • Flexible role-based user packages to give you the right mix of features for each user.
  • No overpaying for features you don’t need.
  • Mobile applications that extend your office past the brick walls, keeping you connected no matter where you are.
  • Simple billing applications that enable you to capture every billable moment – quickly assigning it to your customer.

Simple and Intuitive

  • Features are designed to be simple to use and manage
  • Those must have features are always available no matter what solution you deploy
  • Simple phone programming makes leveraging the power of your full featured phone easy. No star codes or long menus to deal with.
  • One touch help is accessible via the phone or the user dashboard, enabling users to quickly resolve feature questions.

Superior Technical Support

  • US based support means your call is answered every time by knowledgeable representatives
  • Wide network of certified resellers offering increased local support for customer installations and ongoing support.
  • One-touch help button – offers direct access to online how-to-videos or a voice directed help menu on the phone.
  • *611 offers direct access to ESI technical support

Uniquely Integrated

  • Real-time view of communications solution across all devices (mobile to the desktop).
  • Simple installation and set up with ESI Phones
  • Selection of digital and IP enabled phones


Success with significance.

This is an important philosophy at ESI. It means that we place a great deal of importance on supporting communities, locally and globally. We partner with local schools to fund child clothing and nutrition initiatives and our annual Santa Fund delivers the Christmas experience to needy families in North Texas. In addition, through our disaster relief fund, ESI solicits donations from our partner community and matches their contributions, dollar-for-dollar. The fund has provided relief during disasters including the 2004 Sri Lankan tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes in Pakistan, cyclones in Bangladesh and, most recently, it has provided much needed medical supplies to Ebola-ridden countries.